Parents’ Views of Life at Archibald

Feedback from out Informal Parent’s Afternoon February 2019.

Informal Parents’ Afternoon Feedback 2019

Feedback from Parent’s Digital Literacy Evening February 2019 

Parents’ Feedback 13th February 2019

Take a look at some of the comments from our parents; we hope that these will provide you with an even better insight into life at Archibald! You can see what the children think via the comments pages linked to EYFS, KS1 and KS2.

Your collective comments regarding what we do well as a school included…

Comments 2019:

What is school doing well?

Providing a fun, balanced and broad curriculum. Parent involvement is amazing. Having Early Year staff who are kind and approachable.

The school offers a safe and friendly environment where children can work hard and flourish.

Building trust with the parents, making learning fun

Fun everyday, always encouraging progress

The level of support from day 1 had been excellent. We particularly appreciate the rang of opportunities on offer – a fab school!

Communicating (sometimes too well!). Good varied projects interesting field trips. High standardisation.

You really care about every single child.

Teacher always available to discuss issues, concerns etc. Everyone is very welcoming and responsive to queries.

Great communication between school and parents, fantastic trips and extra curricular activities.

It’s a very supportive environment that instills confidence in its pupils to learn and be good citizens. They actively involve parents in child’s learning through stay and play and PTFA events.

Looking after the needs of my child and doing so in a safe environment. Balanced learning with physical activity and field trips.

Looking after the pupils and communicating with parents responsibly.

Amazing range of activities to support learning and development.

Good friendships are encouraged.

My child feels loved and cared for at school.

Very welcoming and supportive of our child and us as parents.

Topics/area covered are interesting (also for us as parents). Good variety of homework, not too heavy loading.

Our children are happy, enjoy school and have a real sense of community.

Brilliant move regarding Eco school and reducing plastic with water bottles.

Care for children, focus on the fun of learning rather than a narrower focus.

Staff are liked and respected by pupils and parents

Inspiring children to learn

Balance of education and enjoyment – my son LOVES going to school.

Well connected with society/community to plan great events and activities.

Safeguarding, respecting one another, caring and kindness.

Supports children to fulfil their potential – by having high expectations. Works in partnership with families to make sure children are ready for school, life and work.

My child is happy, safe and loves going to school

Excellent leadership. Very caring and conscientious staff. The school promotes kindness and put strong moral values at the heart of the pupils’ learning.

I love the fact that the Year 2 pupils had no idea they were doing SATS rather it was Secret Agent Training.

Inclusive, supportive and welcoming community. Great communication with parents and children.

Extracurricular events are great.

Great leadership and commitment to the children.

Strong leadership team. After school clubs/events. Communication from the office.

My child loves coming to school thank you to all the staff at Archibald.

Good range of interests for the children and opportunities to represent the school at various events.

Providing a safe, fun and enjoyable place to learn. Lovely sense of school community with wonderful opportunities for the children and families.

Great performances such as assemblies and Christmas.

Engaging with parents.

My child is well supported at school. The teaching staff are excellent. The additional trips/clubs are fantastic. I think this school is fantastic.

Fabulous school with a fabulous head teacher. Excellent at keeping me updated on my child’s progress and putting in extra measures to make him happy and settled.

An exceptional and inspirational curriculum delivered by experts who care about the learners.

Pastoral care is as much a focus as academia.

Staff are engaged, caring, provide firm but fair discipline and clear expectations. This creates a safe and supportive learning environment for the children.

My child has always been happy to go to school and will be sad to leave Archibald. The behaviour at Archibald is excellent.

I think the leadership is outstanding.

Great family atmosphere.

Happy, confident, stress-free children.

Excellent range of activities and school trips

School fosters independence in older children.

Archibald takes a keen interest in children as individual students and their needs

School is always willing to work with parents

Comments 2018:

Creating a happy environment to learn, and arranging exciting visitors/visits

Fantastic management, leadership and pastoral care

Teaching that is fun, engaging and challenging

Building children’s confidence and skills

The teaching and administrative staff are lovely and great with the children


Excellent work by all staff members who are professional, patient and approachable

Relationships in school

Supportive and welcoming; nurturing

Putting in place provision for children to meet their needs

The work of the Special Educational Needs and Disability Leader

Very happy children who are learning

The range of opportunities and activities during the school day and beyond

An excellent example set by adults

The school is a welcoming, inclusive and safe environment

Supporting families as a whole

Involving parents in their children’s learning

Great communication; keeping parents informed

Comments from 2017

Staff in Early Years so kind and caring – my child is very happy in the nursery and really enthusiastic about it. Fell well communicated with and listened to.

I have 100% faith in my daughter’s teacher and her teaching assistants. I feel that they have brought out the best in my daughter and that she has flourished under their care and has been inspired to learn every day.
The school provides many opportunities for outdoor play, PE, Spanish, STEM visitors, etc.
Always seems like there are opportunities for children to improve themselves throughout the entire school.
A mixture of good education and fun!
Respecting children as individuals – works well with parents and involves them in children’s learning. Has high expectations of children and supports them in fulfilling their potential. The school has a buzzing, nurturing, happy and educational environment. It is a real community and I love how Mrs Bayes knows all the children and parents too!
Safe, nurturing, inclusive, treating people as individuals.
Engaging the children with education.
Early Years play curriculum is very good and my child enjoys school, which is all I can ask – thank you.
Teachers are very friendly and helpful. Always updating me at home time, which I appreciate, especially the key teacher.
Excellent communications. My son adores the school and his teacher. I am amazed by how much he learned this year. It seemed so easy but the effort his teacher make is tangible and Mrs Bayes knows him by name and always says she is proud of him and this makes him so happy! I was impressed when my son learned about Diwali and I wish the school would also talk to the kids about Ramadan, Eid, El-Fitr and Eid El-Adha. Thanks so much for everything.
Engaging the children, ensuring they are interested and enthusiastic about learning.
The school cares about my child, both as a student and an individual.
I think that the school makes the children feel comfortable and confident. Playing together and learning in a safe, nurturing environment. Staff seem friendly and welcoming. Headmistress very visible.
Providing an environment my child wants to be part of – thank you!
The school supports children very well academically, social issues are taken incredibly seriously. No request I have made has been refused or ignored.
Involving and including parents, regular report cards.
Creative, engaging, encouraging, supporting and caring.
Very informative, great teachers, lots of support, strong PTFA, happy children – good result.
Everything. My child LOVES coming to school every day. The teachers are amazing, not just in how they teach but how they treat the children – thank you.
The support that my child has received and indeed that which I’ve received as a parent has been exceptional. Teaching, support, admin, family support, leadership staff has all been so kind, understanding and reassuring.
Fantastic school with an excellent head teacher and equally fab teachers and staff. I feel my little boy is well supported and I am always kept up to date with his progress.
 The team points system really helps a sense of pride and links between the different years.
We agree with the rating of ‘outstanding’ – across the board.
We are delighted with our child’s progress and find the school a helpful, positive, nurturing influence. Well done Mrs Bayes and all the staff!
Lots of emphasis on fun, wonderful staff who all seem happy and well supported.
We have been so impressed by the teaching. The teachers really know the children and are very approachable. My daughter has come on in leaps and bounds this year – particularly in maths. The KS1 Christmas show was fantastic. It was lovely to see the enthusiasm and confidence of ALL the year 2 children on stage. From what I have seen school discipline is exemplary. Thank you to all the staff for their efforts and for making my daughter love school.
Communication is excellent and involves parents.
Teaching manners, good behaviour, a sense of right and wrong and community spirit.
My children are safe, healthy and happy at Archibald. The school encourages them, celebrates success, stimulates them to improve and provides an inclusive community to support them to become the best they can.
This school work on the principle that happy children learn and they do this well.
Warm and approachable staff. Varied extra-curricular opportunities and trips. Bright, tidy building, celebrating pupil success. Great emphasis on kindness and treating others with respect; very happy positive learning environment.
Our children have access to a great range of extracurricular opportunities (dance, sports, music, trips). These activities give a real sense of pride and achievement and add to their enthusiasm about school. This also helps them develop as individual and the school seems to understand their unique interests and talents.

Comments from 2016

‘Archibald is a great school, both in meeting my child’s educational and development needs. We are so happy we chose Archibald.’

‘I just wanted to write, as my son reaches the end of his time at Archibald, to thank you and your staff for the experiences you have given him. He has been so happy at Archibald and always comes home full of enthusiasm, tales and plans for what is happening next in school. Our calendar at home has been filled with events for him to look forward to on an almost weekly basis. Your school provides so many experiences and opportunities for its pupils. He has benefited tremendously from all the trips, sports coaching and visitors to school. My older daughter also attended Archibald and I have seen the school grow and change over the last 7 years. Mrs Bayes presence on the yard most mornings greeting parents and children creates a lovely warm atmosphere that is continued by all the staff. Everyone in school is approachable, cheerful and friendly.

Thank you so much for everything Archibald has done for my children. It is a lovely school that has given them both so many happy memories.’

‘My daughter comes homes each day saying that she has had a great time. She is very happy and is clearly learning a lot. I think the school and all the teachers are doing an excellent job.’

‘The school challenges the children to discover and learn new things in an exciting way but in a safe environment. The teachers and other staff are very nurturing, warm and lovely to the children.’

‘I just wanted to say thank you for arranging such interesting activities for the kids. My daughter Erin absolutely loved listening to the Tudor lady today (and also the ancient Greece lady, to whom I’m told Tudor Lady bears an uncanny resemblance.) She came back full of information, I was impressed by how many facts she had retained, and also by her enthusiasm.
History is a great interest of mine, but looking back at the way we were taught, most of it was pretty bland really. I would have loved to find out the kind of things the kids learned today. The depth of understanding they are getting with activities like this is really impressive, and it makes me so happy to see her developing an interest that she and I can share.’

‘My children like the school and are proud of it!’