This half term…

Each half term we work together as an Early Years Team to plan and deliver a focused topic for the children in Nursery and Reception.

Following our initial plans, we are led by the children’s responses, questions and interests as we work hard to make the curriculum interesting, exciting, enjoyable and relevant to all our children.

The topics for 2022-23 are:-

Autumn 1-
N – Who am I?
R – Who am I?
Autumn 2-
N – What do you celebrate? (Teddy’s birthday)
R – Do we all celebrate the same thing?
Spring 1 – 
N – Where do I live?
R – Where in world do I live?
Spring 2-
N – Can you sing a rainbow?
R – What makes a rainbow?
Summer- 1
N – Percy the Park Keeper
R – Beatrix Potter
Summer 2 –
N – Who helps me?
R – Who helps me in the community?

Below are our half termly Curriculum Booklets for the Early Years Unit. They show how our plans are tailored for Nursery and Reception.

Curriculum Information Booklets 2023-24

EYFS Autumn 1 All About Me

Early Years Autumn 2 – Celebrations

Curriculum Information Booklets 2022-23

AFS EYFS School Overview

EYFS Autumn 1 – All About Me

EYFS Autumn 2 – Celebrations

EYFS – Our Wonderful World Spring 1

Early Years Spring 2 – Colour

Early Years Summer 1 – Beatrix Potter and Percy the Park Keeper