How Pupil Premium is used at Archibald First School

The funding was, and will continue to be, used as follows;

  • Additional Teaching Assistants to support under-achieving pupils
  • 1-1 support – Personalised learning programmes bespoke to needs of individual children
  • HLTA trained to provide Drawing and Talking therapy
  • Family Support Officer (0.4 post) Parental engagement and support for vulnerable children and their families
  • Quality first teaching
  • Safeguarding support for vulnerable families
  • 1-1 counselling for individual pupils identified as at risk
  • Tracking and monitoring systems
  • Curriculum focused visits and visitors with outcomes clearly focused to deliver the communication, language and literacy and stimuli for learning. writing
  • Additional extra curricular sports clubs
  • Theatre and Gallery visits
  • Residential visits
  • Attendance incentives
  • To develop and enhance the outdoor environment in Early Years
  • Practical, investigative Numeracy curriculum
  • Resources including, computing equipment
  • Resources to provided 1-1 phonics tutoring
  • Literacy resources to promote spelling and handwriting
  • Learning embedded in experiences that are meaningful and relevant to 21st century curriculum / skills for life.
  • Additional class teacher to provide support including academic and social areas of learning

These measures have had a very positive impact on attainment and progress for the children in receipt of the funding. Data can evidence the impact of this work:

  • Increased and sustained attendance across the school
  • Attainment and progress for all but a few pupils which is in line with or above end of year expectations