A trip to Pizza Express, yum!


This week, as part of our Food Glorious, Food topic, Year 1 were lucky enough to visit Pizza Express.


After a nice walk to the High Street, we all took off our coats, put on our chef hats and washed our hands.

Two lovely chefs then showed us how to make our own pizza, step by step.

First we had to sprinkle flour onto our ball of dough. We used our fingers to push onto the dough to flatten it. We then used a rolling pin to make a flat pizza base.

Once the pizza base was in the pizza pan we added on tomato sauce, spreading it around with the back of the spoon. Then we put on a special soft cheese called mozerella.

Whilst the pizzas were cooking in the pizza oven, we got to taste some food that are commonly used as pizza toppings. We tried mushrooms, olives, onions, mozerella, tomatoes and basil. The cheese and tomatoes were the most popular. During our food tasting we had a little quiz to find out where different foods come from and how they grow.

Can you remember how many tomatoes were squeezed into one of the cans of tomato sauce?

Can you remember what ingredients are needed to make dough? Don’t forget that you need to add love!

We had such a super time and learned lots. The children made us all very proud and we hope you all enjoyed your pizza at home.


Pizza time Chefs Making dough Flatten it down So much fun Yummy Add lots of cheese! Footasting 156 tomatoes make this tin! Trying Basil Being brave