AFS gains OPAL Platinum Award – WOW!!!!


We are absolutely delighted to announce that following our audit this week, we have been awarded the OPAL Platinum Award.

This has been a whole school effort between the children, staff and our families, however, HUGE credit and a MASSIVE thank you must be given to Mrs Johnston and Miss Watson who have led us on this journey. Both of them have done an AMAZING job and have been the driving force behind all that we have achieved.

Mrs Johnston and Miss Watson – THANK YOU!!!!!!

Huge congratulations on achieving your OPAL Platinum Award. It has been wonderful working with your school over the past 20 months to see the transformation that has taken place in the school’s approach to the provision of quality play.

The school has implemented many of the cultural and practical changes recommended in the OPAL programme and the results are clear to see, Archibald is now truly an award level OPAL school. This means that every child has an amazing playtime every day. It also means that play is taken seriously at the school and is given appropriate leadership, planning, evaluation and resources.

OPAL Platinum status puts your school in the top 0.05 percentile of UK primary schools in terms of the quality of your play offer.

Playtimes at Archibald are inclusive, joyful and provide a wonderful variety of types of play.

The initial baseline audit in June 2022 scored 38%. That score is now 90% – wow, what an incredible journey you have been on at Archibald First school …and what an amazing outcome. You have totally transformed your playtimes ensuring all children have access to the most amazing play offer every single day. You have opened up all areas of you site and developed a huge variety of zones. Allowing your children permission to get muddy, take risks, and have lots and lots of fun. You have changed lunch time practise, upskilled your staff, worked with parents so they understand the importance of play to their children’s health and wellbeing with the result being an OPAL Platinum Award for quality playtimes. Only 2% of schools in the country have such an accolade for the quality of their provision. I am so proud of you all. The working party has been instrumental in this change, your inspiration and commitment is second to none. As a school it is evident play is valued, planned for and invested in. Well Done!

Well done to you all, the play offer you have provided for all of your children at Archibald is outstanding. Praise to all staff, including your play team and working party who are very much at the heart of playtimes.

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