Amazing Absorbency in Y2!


Year 2 have been finding out all about everyday materials this half term such as cardboard, plastic and glass. We noticed that we had all kinds of different paper in our room so we decided to see which type was the most absorbent. Do you know what absorbent means? It actually means good at soaking up water!



We had normal paper, sugar paper, kitchen roll and greaseproof paper. Did you know you have to make an investigation fair otherwise you can’t really trust the result? Luckily we had a few smart ideas to help us out. We made sure all the pieces of paper were the same size and that they were put in the same amount of water for an equal amount of time. The best way is to use a stopwatch so we got some from the science cupboard.




Quite a few people thought the sugar paper might be the most absorbent because it felt the thickest and strongest. Do you agree? Have a look and see if you can compare to find the answer? If you thought kitchen roll then you were right! It really was a splashtastic science lesson!