An Eco-tastic Week in Year 3!


Year 3 have enjoyed Eco Week a lot! In Literacy we read the story Greta and The Giants. The children all agreed that the giants were doing damage to the environment even if they didn’t realise it. We discussed how brave Greta was to stand up for what she believed in and we decided to do the very same! We created letters, posters and protest signs to encourage people to look after our environment as much as possible. Some pupils even found time to litter pick around the school area!

Year 3 children also noticed that some of the trees had been cut down at the back of the school. All of the boys and girls were concerned about animals losing their micro-habitats and having nowhere to live. Luckily, the children came up with the very brilliant idea of creating bug hotels for the animals to live in! Pupils in Year 3 also know how useful trees are for keeping our air clean and making our local area healthy. This is why we decided to plant some seeds in Forest School to make up for the trees going!

We even found time to reuse old newspaper and magazines to create some very large waterfall collages in Art! It really was an eco-tastic week in Year 3!