An Archaeologist visits by Year 3 bloggers


On 22nd September, Year 3 had a visit from Phillipa. an archaeologist.


Here’s what our bloggers said about it.

Phillipa the archaeologist came in and talked to us about the Stone age .She told us about a Bronze age pot that she found. My favourite part was when she made a little quiz for us to solve. It was very intresting  because she told us loads of facts about the Stone age to the Iron age.-Evie


I like when  you  came into year 3 and we  tolt  me about  the archaeologist .  I love when we had to work  in partiners.They were  summer and Katie.-Libby


An archaeologist came in called phillipa and we learned lots of things about the stone age and the bronze age and the iron age it was really fun. When she showed us a pot it was from a museum  but she said it was from the stone age but it wasn’t. I was shocked about it.-Izzy


Phillpa    shoed   us  on the  smart   bourd   abat     her     journey    and on the Smart  boud  it  had  her  diging   up  and  she   sor  a scelatin.- Ariana


Phillpa  the archaeologist  came  and talked about facts from the start of stone age to the end of iron age.My  favourite part was when she said that  people were diged under grownd and they were in a ball shape.-Lucy anne


Phillipa the  archaeologist came into year3 and we leart lots of different    facts and we also done lots of fun activites  we had to work  in partners I worked  whith Isabella.she  talked about when she diggde  at a beach . she was looking for dead bodys that people have berried .-Sophie


Phillipa talked about   stone and iron  bronze age then we went into the The big hall and me  libby even katy and we were    going  around  finding   where the answers were.-Summer


We had a visit from a Archaeologist.
She told us all about what she does.
Phillipa  the Archaeologist showed us pots that  people made in the stone age.It was intresting.-Edie


Year 3 had a visit from Phillipa an Archaeologist.
If you don’t know what an Archaeologist is it is a person who dig’s,find’s thing’s and put’s them up on display.
She showed us pot’s.It was cool!-Poppy


Sounds like they had fun and learnt lots