Archibald – Green Flag Award


Congratulations On Passing Your Eco-Schools Green Flag!

Congratulations!!! Fantastic work Archibald!

We are very pleased to tell you that you and your Eco-Committee at Archibald First School have been successful in meeting the requirements for the Eco-Schools Green Flag Award. We reviewed your application and noted the following:

It’s brilliant to read how your pupils are supported to take an active role in Eco-Committee meetings by recording key ideas in their Eco Notebooks. This will give them a strong voice and sense of ownership of their Eco-Schools work. Giving them the responsibility to feed ideas and actions back to their peers is a great example of how you are supporting them to develop their oracy and communication skills.

We love how completing the Environmental Review highlighted and celebrated the brilliant work you had already done to promote biodiversity on your school grounds. It was lovely to read all the comments on your Environmental Review and gain a real insight into the debate and discussion that took place whilst completing it. It’s clear your Eco-Committee members have thoroughly reviewed which actions will be most impactful and sustainable for your school and local community.

We loved that the decision-making behind your ambitious Action Plan projects were informed by the abilities and interests of your young people, balanced with a pragmatic and strategic approach in capitalising on opportunities to enrich learning within the framework of your curriculum. The scale and variety of community initiatives outlined in your Action Plan are testament to how your Eco-Committee has carefully considered how it can involve families and the wider community to raise awareness and achieve maximum impact. Terrific work!

It’s clear that you have embedded environmental topics into your science and geography curricula with great enthusiasm and these issues are being used to enrich learning in your school, whilst engaging your young people in important and topical issues, such as the impact of plastic pollution on marine habitats. We’d love to see how you might embed these topics into other curriculum areas, such as the arts or English.

Your Eco-Committee members have diligently promoted and invited participation in your Eco-Schools activity through assemblies, class feedback, newsletters and myriad community-based collaborations and initiatives. This a real strength of your application, which is supported by the quote from Elliot’s parent – the way your pupils are vigilantly enforcing the eco-message beyond the school gates shows just how much you’ve inspired them!

Your acrostic Eco-Code aligns with your school’s values and delivers a concise manifesto that is underpinned by realistic and achievable pledges that remind us how, collectively and over time, those small steps and actions can have a big, positive impact.

Thank you for submitting a fantastic application. We have loved reading about your journey this year and are incredibly impressed by how your Eco-Schools work has united and inspired your pupils, setting them on their path to becoming compassionate and proactive advocates for the eco-cause. It gives us great pleasure to award you an Eco-Schools Green Flag with Distinction – congratulations!