Archibald Rainbow Run 2016


Last Monday, a fantastic day was had by all at Archibald for our Rainbow Run. The sun was shining, the staff were dressed in their PE kits (after dusting them off) and families came along to support the children by spectating, supervising the course or even running with us. Most importantly though the children were excited and eager to take part!

All of this was to raise money for the following charities picked by the School Council children and their classes:-

  • Daft As A Brush
  • Smile For Life

For the children in Early Years a special course was set up within the school yard whilst the older children ventured out on a wider circuit established around the school perimeter.

The community support officers came along to help us with our event but we couldn’t have done it without our families volunteering their time – THANK YOU! It was also great to see members of the charities taking part too – one member ran all morning with the children.

A another huge thank you has to go to Loco who supported our event by providing us with the funds to purchase oranges and biscuits for all the children.

Have a look at the pictures to see what a brilliant day it was! We can’t wait to find out how much money we have raised in total. The cheques will be handed over in a special ceremony in school before the end of the summer term.

LocoDaft as a BrushSmile


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