Blast Off! with STEM



Yesterday and today, Early Years have been scientists and engineers.  We made rockets that really flew, parachutes that floated down and Nursery 2 had a go at an experiment with Vitamin C. We practised our cutting and joining skills too.

We asked Class 1 to tell us what they liked…

I liked blasting my rocket-Dylan and Millie

I liked testing my parachute-Archie

I liked launching my rocket and throwing my parachute in the air-Oliver

I liked making my rocket-Oscar and Freya

I liked making the parachute-Ani,  Abberley and Jasper

I liked stamping on the bottle-Lilly

I liked the whole thing!-Oli

I liked when my rocket flew-James

I liked testing my rocket by stamping on the bottle-Albin.


It was great being super scientists!