Bling Your Bike


On Tuesday 4th December 120 children arrived at school with their bikes or scooters covered in bling.  They had covered their bikes or scooters in tinsel, baubles, foil and other things to make them look ‘Christmassy’.  There was even one that played a Christmas song!  Every year group had a parade around the yard with their ‘blinged up’ bikes and scooters while the other children acted as judges.  We had an assembly where the scooters and bikes that looked the best won prizes.  This day encouraged us to be healthy by riding our bike or scooter to school rather than coming in  a car.  It also helps the environment too.  We hope to another Bling Your Bike day in Spring. Look out for more details.  Many thanks to Naomi from Sustrans for organising this great day and well done to everyone who ‘blinged’ their bike or scooter.