Brilliant bacteria busting!


Year 2 have been finding out the best way to wash our hands. We needed some cooking oil and some glitter. The cooking oil helped to keep the glitter on our hands and the glitter was meant to be the germs. Did you know another word for germs is bacteria?



First we rolled up our sleeves so no oil ruined our lovely uniforms. After that we put oil on our hands and rubbed them together. Next we sprinkled on some glitter so we could see what germs might look like. What a sticky situation that was!



Every clever scientist should make a test fair. That’s why we used the same amount of glitter on our sticky hands and also the same amount of oil. We even made it more fair by all washing our hands for exactly ten seconds.


Do you know what we found out? We found out just using dry paper towels was the worst way to get rid of germs and the best was hot water and soap. How clean our hands were! Using cold water got rid of a few germs but not many.

It was a germ-tastic experiment and what a way to start the day!




“I was surprised that hot water and soap was better than cold water” – Henry.

“I was surprised we got the same result every time” – Django

“The best bit was cleaning our hands” – Demi.

“I thought cold water would wash off more germs” – William.