What A Busy Book Week!!!!


Book Week was a very busy week full of stories and fun at Archibald First School.  It began with a visit from Tyne Tees and Vera Author, Ann Cleeves.  

All week, children went to the library.  Early Years and Key Stage One visited Gosforth Library.  They listened to a story and then explored the library, bringing a book back to school to share with their parents at home.

BOOKS!!!! Reading books at Gosforth Comfy reading Library lady Fiction or Non Fiction



Key Stage Two ventured into Newcastle to visit the City Library.  They explored the different floors, finding out all the different ays peopl use the library, eg reseraching your family or using old maps.  They also shared a story and brought a book home.

Reading on the metro Excited about reading! We love the library! Old newspapers Finding Felix The window at City Library This is an old map of Newcastle



On Tuesday afternoon, Key Stage Two came to share abook with the younger children.  Both the older and younger children loved this part of the week.

This is a good bit Look at this Sharing a story Did you know? Sharing a story


On Friday, everyone dressed as their favourite book character and we shared what we had done during the week.  In the afternoon, teachers swapped classes and shared their favouirte stories and books.

What have you been up to? Julia Donaldson in Early Years Who can you see?


It was a great way to celebrate our love of books and a very successful week.