Chris Bostock the Storyteller by Year 1 bloggers


Chris Bostock, a story teller came in to spend the day with Year 1 last week.  We had a fab day full of stories, drama, song and dance.

I asked Year 1 bloggers to share their favourite stories.

Chris     told     us    a    story      about     a        cheeky     monkey .  He got his face and hands and feet stick to a statue.  We did a funny dance to help him to dry.-Katie


Chris told us a story about a cheeky Monkey. He threw fruit at his mum, dad and sister and he got told off every time. He kept forgetting. He stole some fruit from a garden.  The lady played a trick and he got stuck to a statue.  We had to do a funny dance to help him dry.- Esme


My favorite story was cold cheky monkey because it was very silly-Elizabeth

My favourite story was  trotee the   and the omubo rombogo tree.- Emma

My favourite story was the story of the little brown  bird because the little brown bird got shelter under the evergreen tree.-Rowan.