Christmas Performances


We hope you all enjoyed our performances in the last two weeks.  All the children and staff have been working really hard on their singing, dancing, speaking and acting.

Our First Nativity Fantastic speakers Sweet little shepherdsMary and Joseph Angelic

Early Years told us the story of the first Christmas in their first nativity.  There were cute little angels and sweet shepherds and everyone sang beautifully. There were some fantastic speakers too.

Blask off for Santa's sleigh Give a little time Puppies are not just for Christmas

Our cast It's a busy time for the North Pole crew


Key Stage One reminded us of the meaning of Christmas in a different way with their play ‘Santa’s on Strike’.  Santa decided there were too many naughty children ater watching Supernanny and went on strike.  Luckily a team of eleves managed to show him some lovely children and Christmas was back on.  Thank you to all the mum’s and dads for helping the characters to learn their lines and songs.

Dancers Winter poems Choir 1

 Its snowing! Rockin Robin

Finally Key Stage Two hopefully filled their audiences fullof Christmas spirit,  singing lots of Christmas songs, sharing winter poems, dancing to Rocky Robin and waving their banners high. 


Thank you to everyone who sent in costumes, help make props, learnt lines or just listened to the same song lots of times in the car.  We hope it has helped to start Christmas 2013 in a lovely way.