Class 4 visit Pizza Express!


This morning, Class 4 went on a very exciting trip to become chefs! This helped enhance our Food, Glorious Food topic.

We walked to Pizza Express on Gosforth high street where we had to put on our aprons, chef hats and most importantly, wash our hands!

We are ready to go!


First, we had to make our dough look like a fried egg by pushing down the sides. Then we had to cover it in flour and stretch it out.

ready to go! "It is very squishy!" Pizza making

Next we had to roll out our dough using a rolling pin. We had to keep adding flour so it didn’t stick!

Making it larger Keep rolling... Getting some help

Then we added the tomato puree by spreading it in circles with a spoon. We added the mozzarella cheese too.

spreading the tomato puree."Mine has got mozeralla on!" spreading

The pizzas went into a HUGE oven that was super hot. While the pizzas cooked we explored lots of food often used on a pizza and found out lots of fact about each food. We even got to try them too!

yummy! "I liked the cheese best" Feeling brave to have a try

We had such a brilliant morning and learnt so much about making pizza and the ingredients used. We also found out that the most important ingredient to put into ALL our food is LOVE!

The children were all fantastic and so well behaved, I hope you all enjoy yummy pizza for tea!

“I really liked making the pizza” Emma

“Putting on the cheese was really good” Rosie

“I liked squidging the dough” Erin

“I thought dressing up like a cook was good” Jack K

“I liked trying all the foods I tried them all and I ate all of them except the brown bits of the mushrooms” Albie

“Banging the dough was really funny” Theo

“I learnt how to make pizza because I don’t normally know” Elodie

“I learnt things we haven’t done before.” William

“I had such a good time. I think Mummy did too!” Wilbur

lots of fun at Pizza Express Stretching the dough having a blast! pizza making Miss. Pearson catching flying pizza! It looks yummy! let's try food I am trying olives lots of food img_2015 we all had so much fun