Coats with a Note – Thank you!


Two years ago our school organised a huge collection of vital aid which was sent to a refugee camp in Greece. Amongst the items was warm clothing, sturdy footwear and blankets which were all invaluable in helping refugee families survive the harsh winters in their basic camps.
Unfortunately, the refugee crisis continues. Although the journey is often incredibly dangerous and conditions on these camps are horrendous people continue to arrive on a daily basis as the prospect of remaining in their homes is far worse.
Winters are particularly challenging. The camps in Greece can get very cold and waterlogged. People are in desperate need of warm clothing and basic commodities.

This winter our families were asked if they would like to get involved again. They were asked for donations of a ‘coat with a note’ for refugee children which would be transported and distributed to Vial camp which is on the Greek island of Chios.

What an overwhelming response!


Rhian Planchant who coordinated the appeal would like to say;

I just wanted to say thank you so much for supporting this. We have had a fantastic response. Well over 100 coats which will just be fantastic for the children on the camp. 
The notes written by the children have just been lovely. I’ve attached a photo of just a very small sample.
The next steps are getting the notes translated and get the coats sorted and boxed off. I’m sending them down to Leicester where they are getting packed into a pallet and shipped to Chios, Greece. My friend will be on the camp to distribute the coats and notes. We will be getting some photographs and hopefully notes back from the children on the camp.
I would love the opportunity to come and do another assembly after Christmas to talk to the children and thank them for their efforts. Let me know if you think this will be possible
Thank you again