Delightful Dens and Awesome Objects


Year 2 went to House of Objects and to Rising Sun Country Park for a day of fun. When we were inside we used lots of items that people didn’t want any more. They gave them to House of Objects so they could be reused and not put in a landfill site. There were lots of materials like wool, old keyboards, toilet rolls and lots more.



Sophie made a beanstalk with Jack climbing up and Amelia, Dulcie and Emma made a skirt for Mrs Patrick to wear. She kept it on all afternoon! We had to use different skills and even used equipment like saws so we had to be careful!




Outside we made fantastically strong dens. First we had to learn how to carry branches carefully, slowly and sensibly so we didn’t get hurt. We had to work in groups so that our dens could shelter all our team. Also, we used tarpaulin, pegs and rope so that our dens would keep us dry.

What a terrific trip!






“Try to put your den on the top of a hill so if it rains the water will go down the hill” – William.

“Make sure you don’t eat the mushrooms growing in the wildlife” – Theo R

“We used a big piece of flat wood to make a TV so we don’t get bored” – Emily

“I made a beautiful flower and my friends Phoebe and Eleanor made an art box for me that was lovely” – Fern

“In the House of Objects I made a sandwich and it looked delicious but it was made out of tiles” – Archie