Delightful DT Day!


Year 2 have been making lots of vehicles in DT. We had to bring in lots of shoeboxes to use for a car. Each shoebox that was brought in was worth three team points. The record from one person was five shoeboxes. Guess what that meant? That’s right, fifteen team points for one brilliant person.

IMG_0527 IMG_0281

IMG_0281 IMG_0287

One of the skills we had to use was sawing. You had to be very careful because the saw was very sharp and we didn’t want any injuries. A helpful piece of advice is don’t saw too fast in case you lose control. Doweling is the name of the wood that we had to saw. When we got back to our tables we used a pencil sharpener on both ends so that it was easier to get the wheels on to the dowling.


Guess what we used for the wheels? We used shiny CD’s to make our vehicle look cool and jazzy. Also, light reflects off the wheels so other cars can see it in the dark.


If you thought our vehicles were ordinary then you are wrong! We used our designing skills to make them very interesting. Some had swimming pools, Jacuzzis, deck chairs, a disco room and much more. How fantastic they were!




We had a terrific time and it really was a shoeboxtastic lesson. How crafty year 2 are!


“My favourite part was helping people put their wheels on” – Ebony

“I liked the bit where I tested whether my car was ready to drive” – Dylan

“My favourite bit was decorating the box” – Hannah

“”My trickiest part was sawing” – Demi