Early Years Christmas Party


On Wednesday 14th December, Early Years had their Christmas party.

Alfie the DJ

Alfie the elf put his party hat on and helped Mrs Jones to DJ the music.


We liked the disco-Matilda, Louisa and Martha.


I liked Musical statues because I won-Emma

I liked when we played musical statues-Fritha

I liked when we played the Frozen game-Harrison

Delicious food

I enjoyed the party food-Eliza

I liked having the picnic inside!-Katie

I liked the popcorn-Josh

I enjoyed the sausage rolls-Sam M

a special visitor

I liked Santa-Freya

I liked it when Santa came and shouted Ho Ho Ho and he left us some sweeties-Alice

Pass the parcel

I won a big bar of chocolate-Dexter

I got some chocolate when the music stopped-Alfie

I didn’t win but I got a chocolate coin-Sam S

Thank you for all the lovely food.  We may be still eating it at Easter!