Early Years Summer 2, Week 6.


Hello! Well although we have said goodbye on Tapestry we are still here for the next two weeks giving you ideas to keep busy at home.

So, this week is all about moving up! Moving up to Reception for Nursery children and moving to Year 1 for Reception.

Activities – Reception & Nursery

Task 1
Take a look at yourself. Have a look in the mirror and talk about all the wonderful features you can see. Talk with a grown up about how you think you have changed since starting Nursery/Reception. Grown-ups if you can show them a picture of them starting Nursery/Reception (those first day photos will be handy) or one from September 2019 and see if they can see the physical changes.

Reception & Nursery – Paint a self-portrait or using just a writing pencil draw a picture of yourself.

Task 2
Now think about what you can do now compared to when you started Nursery/Reception. Think about getting dressed by yourself, writing your name or some letter shapes, spelling and reading words, reading books, knowing some numbers, adding numbers together, working out number problems, knowing all of your shapes, riding a bike, hopping etc.
Nursery – Show your grown up one of the things.
Reception – Write 2 or 3 sentences about what you can do now.

Task 3
Start talking about Reception or Year 1. Talk about what you think will be different and what will be the same.

For Reception things thats will stay the same….you will have fun, you will continue to learn new things.
For Reception things that will be different….you will have a new uniform, you will make new friends and will use a different entrance (some of you will go to a new school).

For Year 1 things that will stay the same… You will wear the same uniform, you will play in the big yard, you will have the same friends, you are going to the same school.
For Year 1 things that will be different…You will go into school through a different door, you will use different toilets, you will have a different classroom, you will have a different teacher.

Task 4
Talk about feelings. How are you feeling about Reception/Year 1? What are you excited about? What are you nervous about? Is there anything worrying you? Have you got any questions for your new teachers?
Nursery – Share these with your grown up. Look at the schools website and explore some of the pictures. Can you answer any of the questions there? Video the questions ready to add to Tapestry in Week 7 – Mrs Nelson/Mrs Jones will get ready to answer.
Reception – Share these with your new teachers by writing them down ready to bring on your visit.

Task 5
Nursery – Make your new teacher a picture of you and something you love.
Reception – Complete the Twinkl My wish for Year 1 sheet.

Other activities to support transition:
1. Twinkl – Spreading my wings from Reception to Year 1 (see below)
2. Twinkl – All About Me Activity Booklet or Poster (see below)
3. Make a helping hand – draw round your hand, cut it out and colour, whilst colouring it talk about all the people who can help you at school when you’re in Reception/Year 1.
For Reception at Archibald – Mrs Nelson, Mrs Jones, Mrs Storey, Mrs Tipton, Mrs Bell.
For Year 1– Miss White, Ms Turner, Mrs Corrigan, Mrs Tabeer. Dinner ladies.  

If you are still loving the dinosaurs you may like these activities;
1. Make a pasta dinosaur

2. Write about what would happen ‘if dinosaurs came back…’

3. Read ‘The dinosaur that pooped a princess.’ Or other Dinosaur books

4. Use your play dinosaurs outside in the sunshine (when it shines) and draw round the shadows.

Reception Maths

In Reception we use the White Rose resources to help us to plan and develop our maths skills. They have some super resources for home learning using stories.  Please find the link below. This week it is ‘The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet’ but if you are fed up of dinosaurs,  have a look over the previous weeks and there are lots of other familiar texts that you could use to develop maths language and problem solving.  It includes videos and activities.  


Please also find a set of fun activities linked to summer for your child to practise their maths skills too.


Nursery Maths

Task 1 – We know how much you all love Numberblocks! You can use the attachment below to make your own Numberblock stick puppets. Can you tell a grown up which numbers you can see? Can you order the numbers 1-10 or even 10-1?

Task 2 – Ice Cream maths Using numbered paper cones and pom poms, can your child count carefully to match the correct number of pom poms to the numbered cones? You may need to remind them to count slowly and to only count each pom pom once.

Task 3 – When you are out on a walk, can you collect some different objects such as shells, pebbles, leaves or flowers. Can you sort the objects into groups? How many of each of the items did you collect? How many more are there of one group than another? How many items did you collect all together?

You may also want to follow the link in the Reception maths section to the White Rose, Early Years maths activities week 11. Each set of activities is based on a story.

We hope you all have a wonderful week and we continue to be proud of each and everyone one of you. We are still here even though we may not be on Tapestry.

We can be contacted via the Archibald school email address
homework@archibald.newcastle.sch.uk If you have any queries or questions or you have some work to show us please don’t hesitate to use the email address given. Love from everyone in Early Years x