Down on the Farm


After a rather wet and thundery start to the day, last Tuesday all the children and staff in Early Years enjoyed a successful trip to Whitehouse Farm in Morpeth.

The children throughily enjoyed meeting the animals, both large and small. They had the opportunity to feed the animals, remembering to hold their hands out flat, so the animals didn’t nibble on their fingers. We met sheep, goats, ponies and larmas. We saw stinky pigs and piglets as well as a gorgeous deer family.

When inside the barn, the children held some of the smaller animals including rabbits and mice. Lots of the children showed how brave they were by having a snake around their neck and a huge spider called Rosie on their heads.

The tractor ride provided some excitment as it took us around the farmyard, it was a rather bumpy ride.

Mrs Nelson would like to say a huge thank you to all of the parents who helped on the trip or came to join us once we were at the farm. We all had such a wonderful day!!