Furry Friends Visit by Year 1


Today Year 1 had some unusual visitors.  Eileen from For Paws pet shop brought some animals for us to meet.


Meet Elieen

She brought a snake, a hedgehog, a tarantula, a bald guinea pig, a furry guinea pig,  a rabbit and a skink.



The spiders eyes are at the top of it’s head-Francesca

The tarantula had a pink and grey head-Esme

The tarantula was called FuzzyBum-Tobyn


Chorizo the snake

The snake only eats on a Friday and they eat mice-Michael and Tom

When the snakes get big their skin falls off-Michael.

The snake was Chorizo-Edith

You need to warm the snake up with your hands-Isaac

I learnt how animals smell.  The snake smells with its chin-Theo P


Chocolate the guinea pigA bald guinea pig!

One guinea pig was very furry, but his brother was not furry.-Lizzy

The furry guinea pig was called Chocolate because he looked like chocolate-Dylan



Rabbits put their ears down when they are relaxing-Izzy

The rabbit was fluffy-Isabella

A skink with a blue tongue

The skink had a long blue tongue and holes for its ears.-Isaac

Lizards tails fall off so they can get away.-Lizzy.




The Hedgehog wasn’t toilet trained.  It sleeps in the day and wakes up at night.  It is nocturnal-Henry


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