German Day 2015


Some of our Year 4 children have been communicating with our partner school in Gosforth.  We asked the children to blog about German day 2015.

Heres what they had to say.

The children in KS1 came in none school uniform like in Germany!!! Year 2 had black forest gato which is so yummy and they had german breakfast-Erin


In nursery, the children tried some German breakfast and learned all 5 words for it! The nursery children said,”it was very yummy!” In reception and year 1 they came dressed in non-uniform and brought backpacks instead of book bags. The year 2’s came in also in non-uniform. They even learned about the planets and in assembly they told the school all about the planets in German! In assembly we sang the Fliegelied song and it was lots of fun! In assembly we also told the whole school about etwining. Miss Bradley said “her class really enjoyed the schwuppi wuppi and couldn’t stop singing it!”-Poppy

In nursery, reception and Year 1 they had German breakfast and listened to the schwupie whoopee. The whole of ks1 came in none-school uniform. The year 2’s tried black forest gateau and quark. We sang fliegerleid, Danke and meimna tanta house-Daniel

In nursery, reception and year 1 they all tried German breakfast and they listened to the schwuppi wuppi and fliegelied but what you will love to here is we sang meine Tante house morocco.     The year 2s tried black forest gateau and quark. Plus they wore casual clothes. .-Jacob

In nursery, reception and Year 1 they had German breakfast and in Year 2 they had black forest gateau and Quark did the schwuppi wuppi. Year 2s talked about planets in german and we did das flegileid and meimna Tanta house marroco.-James

German day in Archibald was really cool   . Only KS 1 did it because KS 2 are learning Spanish, we still enjoyed the German days in the past. They Tried German breakfast. KS 1 said it all tasted lovely. In the German assembly the e-twining’s (That’s us) told the whole school about what we do and how we write on your walls. Miss Bradley said that class 4 liked doing the Schwuppi Wuppi the best. But the whole high light of the day was doing the Fliegelied in assembly.-Jessie

In early years they had a german breakfast and came in non-uniform.year2 they ate black forest gaetto.-Lochlan

On German day the kids in yr1 and2 and reception all came to school in non-school uniform. All the kids in reception and yr1 tried a yummy German breakfast. We sang two good songs: schwuppi wupi and fleigerleid, we had lots of fun lerning the 2 songs!!-Angus

In early years they all tried a German breakfast and they came in non-uniform and eat black forest gateau and quark and did the schwupie wupi plus we sung the fliegerlied!-Billy

The children in KS1 came to school in no school Uniform. Children in reception and in year 1 tried German breakfast.-Eva


On German day in Archibald key stage 1 ate lots of different types of foods. Including black forest gateau, quark [type of cheese] and a German breakfast. We sang lots of German songs such as Das Fliegelied, Meine Tante aus Marokko and Schwuppi Wuppi.Key stage 1 also had non-school uniform because German children do not wear uniform.-Harry


In nursery, reception and they tried German breakfast. They had none uniform. We did the schwuppi wuppi . We did the fliegelied and everybody enjoyed it.The year2s had black fores gatto-Josh


We have created a video of exerts of the songs we have sang during German Day.

Check it out here.