Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of Fire!


Year 2 learnt all about fire in Spring 2, in particular the Great Fire of London, and the Great Fire of Newcastle & Gateshead. We explored chronology by ordering the events of the Great Fire of London. Did you know it lasted for four days?

Through our history lessons, we explored cause and consequence in relation to the fire. We had a lot of fun watching our teachers acting, so that we could decide who was to blame for the GFOL! We loved becoming judges and recording our punishments!

To summarise our learning, we gathered many causes that contributed to the fire. We enjoyed working in teams to create a web of causes, deciding if one cause led to another, or if it could have been avoided without another! We made excellent, hardworking historians and really impressed our teachers!

We also thought about all the causes and answered our enquiry question – can disasters have a positive impact?

We used everything we had learned to plan and design a new, safer London. We had lots of fun carefully designing and labellingg our maps before writing to justify our decisions.

To facilitate our learning around the Great Fire of Newcastle and Gateshead, we had a special visit from That History Bloke! We loved all the opportunities to explore artefacts and dramatise the events with the support of Richard – thank you for bringing history to life!