Gosforth Gets Going Cross Country Meet


IMG_1434On Monday 4th July we went to a cross country meet with schools in Gosforth.

                                                                                                 Years 3 and 4 took part and we all had lots of fun! One of us even came back

                                                                                                  with a medal.

IMG_1440We are all getting ready for our big race, starting with a warm up.

IMG_1450 Everyone enjoyed themselves and we all love running.IMG_1466

                                                         Eve – ” My favourite race was the rely and I loved running in it “

                                                        Mohammad – ” I had lots of fun and I was happy to be chosen to do it “

                                                        Lola – ” I enjoyed taking part and eating bisects “

                                                         Elmo – ” My favourite race was the boys race and I am glad I got a medal “

                                                          Mrs Watson – ” I am proud of our Archibald running team! “

We all say a big thank you to Mrs Watson for taking us to the race .We hope you had as much fun as we did .