Hand hygiene


Thank you to Danie and Taryn who came to visit Reception today to talk to us about the importance of washing our hands.

We learnt about germs and how we could not see them. Our school nurses had special torches to show us where the germs were on our hands.

We looked at the five different times we wash our hands.

  1. When we go to the toilet
  2. Before we touch food
  3. When we cough or sneeze
  4. When we touch an animal
  5. When our hands feel or look dirty.

We practiced washing our hands with different movements, including spider fingers, waving while holding our thumb and tickling our palms to clean our nails.

Your child should know each of these five times. A sheet has been sent home to tick off those times for anyone who is a little reluctant to wash their hands.

We also played a Maths game this week to help us to recognise more and less as well as reminding us to wash our hands.