Handwashing Workshop in Reception


On Monday Reception children took part in a workshop provided by the NHS. A nurse came to teach us all about hygiene and the importance of washing our hands.

We found out the 5 important times to wash our hands;

  • after using the toilet
  • before we eat
  • if we handle animals
  • if we cough or sneeze
  • if our hands look or feel dirty

We were also told it is very important to wash the front and back of our hands, in between our fingers and our thumbs with soap and water.

The nurse told us all about Soap Sud Sally and how important she is to keep away beastie germs!

In small groups we then went with the nurse and she showed us how to wash our hands correctly. I am sure Reception have all been showing you at home!

Important to wash our hands Beastie and Soap Sud Sally Washing hands