Head lice Beware!


We will be taking part in National Bug Busting day on Thursday 31st January.

Our School Nurse, Deb Tulip, will be holding workshops before and after school on this day to give advice and help on treating head lice. 

The children will be involved in activities which will allow them to learn more about head lice and the importance of having their hair checked..  Some of the work created on our Bug busting day will be available after school for you to look at.  We will be taking part in a reward scheme for having our hair checked.  Details about this scheme will be given on our “Bug Busting day.” 

If everyone checks their hair “the bug busting way” on the same day, it will be a huge step towards the eradication of this all too common problem. 


If you would like more information about head lice visit:  http://www.chc.org/bugbusting