Bobby’s Bad Behaviour Strikes Again!!!


Bobby started the week by being just a little bit silly. He was hanging upside down on a peg and trying to distract people from their work. Luckily everyone was really sensible and ignored him.

Cheeky Bobby

The next day things got worse. We spotted a trail of books on the floor which went all the way from the door to the bookshelf where Bobby was hiding sneakily!

Messy floor Sneaky Bobby


Bobby had a quiet day after the book incident. But bad luck struck again when we found out that Bobby had given everyone in class 5 a red card! He even wrote a mean note laughing about it!


Red Cards


At the end of the week Bobby was back to more mischief. This time he took ten drawers out of class 6 and he hid them on top of the cupboard! But Bobby didn’t know how great we are at finding things.

Missing drawers

Found drawers!

We were feeling a bit angry so we decided to give him a red card! Maybe we will have taught him his lesson…