Hooray! It’s Year 1’s U.K. Day!


What an exciting day the children in Year 1 have had. As you may know, we are trying to find Paddington Bear a new home here in the United Kingdom. To do this, we have been learning all about our local area. We have explored rural, urban and coastal areas, as well as the human and physical features that you may find in each.

Today, each of the grown ups surprised the children by representing each nation of the United Kingdom. We even had a visit from the Queen! The children listened carefully to each nation’s speech, and have started to really think about which one would be best for Paddington.

After that, we split into nations and completed a design task. In Scotland, we weaved our very own family tartan, and in England we made a new crown for Queen Elizabeth. Over in Northern Ireland, we created our very own sliding images and retold the legend of Finn McCool, and in Wales we created some welsh cakes!

After lunch, we had a socially distanced surprise from Mrs Marshall. She showed us her family tartan, a kilt, a ‘wee’ Scottie dog and the Scottish flag! She even taught us some Highland dancing after our online session with the Wiggles!

We hope you have had lots of fun learning about each of the four nations. What can you remember at home? Where should Paddington move to?