Year 1’s visit from Frank Coles


This half term Year 1 have been learning about the Arctic and the desert in their topic hot and cold. We were lucky enough to have Frank Coles come back and speak to us about his travels which include the North Pole and the African desert (to name a few!).

Frank in the Arctic             Listening intently

Frank answered our questions about these two contrasting climates;

Where is the hottest place in the world? The Lut desert, Iran – 70.7 degrees!

Did you see Santa at the North Pole? He told me not to tell you!

How do you go to the toilet in the North Pole? You dig a hole and take a gun!

He then showed us some of his photographs from his travels, we loved looking at the camels and the ‘man with snow on his beard’.

Sharing the photos        The man with snow on his beard

Frank explained how cold it was, which seemed like a good point to show us what you need to wear in the Arctic. We even got to try the kit on! Dont we look great?

Frank with our Polar explorers         Snow goggles to protect your eyes

Frank recently returned from the Middle East and brought back 2 dish dashes which are items of clothing typically worn in that part of the world. They are very different to clothes worn in the Artcic!

Desert attire          Wearing a turban

Frank we would all like to say a huge thank you for coming in again, we all love hearing your stories which bring different parts of the world to life. I think some of us have even been inspired to become explorers when we are older! See you at the North Pole!!