Terrific Team Games!


On Tuesday, some children from Year 3 and 4 were very lucky because they went to participate in the Team Games! What is the Team Games? We’ll tell you! Some of the sports we played were bench ball, dodge ball, and handball.

“I enjoyed dodge ball because you got to throw the ball at dancing children!” – Lizzy

“My favourite part was when I played handball because the year 4’s had a really good shot and I saved it!” – Theo R

“The best part was doing all of the sports with my friends!” – Izzy

“A boy was trying to hit me with the ball, but I dodged it quickly and managed to strike him out!” – Dulcie

“I had lots of fun with all of my friends playing bench ball but we lost. I was fine with that because it’s just a bit of fun!” – Amelia

“My favourite game was dodge ball because I kept catching the ball and everyone was trying to get me!” – Ben B

“I enjoyed hand ball because everyone kept passing to me and I also scored the only goal!” – Charlie

“My favourite part was when we played a chasing game with vests because everyone was going for my friends and it was really funny!” – Millie C

“I really loved bench ball because Isabella kept trying to pass the ball to me!” – Hannah


Thank you again Mrs Johnston and Mrs Watson for taking us on a sporty adventure!