Year 3 Summer 2 – Week 7


Hello wonderful Year 3!

This will be our final blog of the school year. It has been an absolute pleasure to teach all of you this year. You are such a wonderful year group and it’s a real shame that we weren’t able to spend more time together in school. However, you should all be very proud of everything that you have achieved this year. You are all hardworking, enthusiastic and determined learners. We have seen you smile, laugh and achieve so much in Year 3. Everyone has made brilliant progress in every subject but more importantly you have shown us all how kind and caring you are. We have no doubt that you will all continue to shine once you begin life in Year 4!


This week are delighted to have marvellous Martha reading Chapter 17 of The Land of Roar.

Thank you to everyone who has been reading and following our weekly chapters of The Land of Roar. We hope you have enjoyed this book and feel inspired to finish the story over the summer. If you would like to write a book review then why not use this template below?


As it is the last week of school and as you are all meeting your new Year 4 teacher on different days, we will not be setting daily lessons or activities.

We would like you to carry out any work linked to an Underwater World theme!

Dougal's Deep Sea Diary by Simon Bartram - book, teaching ...

We have created a list of literacy, topic and art lessons based on this theme. If you have other ideas about what you would like to research, draw or write about linked to Underwater World then you can! Please be as creative as you want!

Further down you will also see some activity sheets based on your Year 3 achievements and memories.


Now that you’ve heard the story, you could try writing a diary entry as Dougal when he discovers the lost city of Atlantis!

You could also use the book review document further above to write a review of the story.

Why not make your very own fact file? Use these websites to help out!



This year, in our Extreme Earth topic, we labelled the different oceans. Follow the interactive guides on the BBC to discover key facts about oceans, ocean life and the problem of pollution. There is some extra information on this website to show you how the oceans are all different.

Watch this live lesson and see what you can find out about the oceans around the world. Here are the three activities to go with this show if you would like to complete them.

After you have completed the activities to go with this show, could you try and create your own poster to show how the oceans are all different and the importance of recycling and reducing our waste?


Why not try being creative by drawing your own under the sea picture?

Or how about trying to draw your very own landscape on a beach? Here on this video you can use all the skills of blending colours which we have looked at this year in Year 3. Remember to think about how hard you press your brush down onto the paper and how much paint you use. 


Why not use your creativity to design and make an underwater scene in a box? Have a look at these snazzy Great Barrier Reef boxes for a spot of inspiration!



You might want to take some time this week to reflect back on your achievements and memories in Year 3.


Do you want to get involved with Blue Peter’s Six Badges of Summer? There are six weeks of great things to do and join in with.

There is a video here.

You can apply for an exclusive wall chart to keep track of how you’re doing and some cool stickers, too. If you want to apply for stickers to add to your wall chart you need to ask a grown-up to include your details when they are uploading a picture or video.

Have a look here


Thank you for being so brilliant throughout Year 3. We couldn’t be more proud of you all and teaching you all has been absolutely wonderful. Keep being amazing and you will have nothing but happiness in Year 4 and later life. Lots of love from the Year 3 Team xxx