KS2 Dance Festival by Bella, Maya and Ellie.


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On Thursday, we went to school quite early, to get ready for the dance festival. The festival was at the city hall. There were 16 children in Archibald’s dance. We were in partners, some of the girls pretended to be boys. It was very funny, but we got used to it.


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When we arrived, we were all very nervous, but excited at the same time. There was a huge queue to get inside the building. As the first school was dancing, we went back stage and waited till the dance that was going on had finished. We all got into are positions and were listening for the music to start.



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We enjoyed watching the other dances and had our turn. Half way through the dance the song stopped because there is a pause in the music and everyone started clapping so the music directors stopped the music and we were in our positions waiting for the music to start. We had to start again because it would be quite hard to find the music. When we did it again we concentrated really hard and we loved seeing Mrs Mullick and Miss White cheering for us. We all felt really proud when it was over.

Written by Bella, Maya and Ellie (Year 4)


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