Let us tell you a story.


On Monday Year 1 had an amazing visitor.  Story Teller Chris Bostock came to Archibald to tell us stories.  He spent the whole day telling us stories and said by the end of the day we would be story tellers.

Class 4 would like to share their favourite stories told to them by Chris and why they liked them.

The very long of the mouse.

I liked the one about the mouse who went to find a new house.  I liked the part when the cat was about to eat him.-Tom

I liked the part where the mouse tried all the other animals houses to find a new one.  He learnt to love his own home-Izzy.

The characters of Mrs Tidysweep Making Mrs Tidysweeps house

I liked the story of Mrs Tidysweep because she wanted to keep everything tidy and when saw untidiness Chris did a shocked voice.-Francesca.

I liked the story of Mrs Tidysweep because the mouse was small but the goat was scared because he didn’t like the sound of him.-Emily.

I'm a big round pot.  I'm a Bamboothea.

I liked the story of the pot rolling down the hill. It was called a Bambootha.  I liked the song Chris sang as it rolled down the hill.-Josh

Walking down the secret passage

I liked the story of the Yogadu because I liked sneaking down the secret passageway-Jada.

I liked the part where we made the honeycomb fort and all the bees came- I liked  being a wall, a tree and a bee.-Isaac.

I liked Yogadu when the trees got chopped down.  I liked being a tree.-Rebecca.

I liked the story of Yogadu because he helped his friends-William

The story of the lamb and the wolf

The one with the sheep and the wolf because the wolf fell into the pond!-Oliver

I liked when the sheep banged into the wolf’s nose and the snot flew out like cannon balls- Henry.

I liked the part when he tricked the wolf into jumping in the pond by saying the moon was a giant cheese.-Ben W.

I liked the part when all of his teeth came out-Ben B

Flying up to see the eagle

I liked the one about the bat because it turns out it wasn’t like any of the animals.  It didn’t have feathers but it did have wings-Lizzy.


As you can see Chris told us lots of stories and we all liked different ones for different reasons.


Many Thanks to the PTFA for paying for this fantastic visitor.

If you would like to see Chris- he does a show at the Northern Stage-Check it out.  Year 1 would highly recommend it.