Let’s Get Building… continued!


Let’s Get Building club is well under way, and what a busy few weeks it has been!


Last week was aMAZEing! We created two giant mazes, one in Early Years and one in the hall. We had competitions to see who could find their way out the quickest!

The builders then designed and created their own maze using Lego or Duplo. The maze had to have an entrance and exit so that a marble or a small car could get from one side and out the other.

Can you get out? Which way to go? I think I am lost! Quick Quick! We got out of the maze in the quickest time Making our maze Here is the entrance

This week the children explored the skills needed to build strong walls. We tested out some ideas and decided a wall is not strong if you tower up the bricks directly on top of each other.

The children used their skills to build their own wall using bricks (biscuits) and cement(icing sugar). It was a very messy, but very tasty job!

Building a wall We must put them in the right place Hard hats to keep us safe This is yummy work Spreading the cement

The children also had time to build their own buildings, this time using Lego or Duplo to make their walls.

My building has a roof and windows Building club This is my prison

I cannot wait to see what challenge we face next week! Well done builders! 🙂