Life in Class 4


We have begun a new topic this  week called It’s good to talk. We have been communicating in different ways including letters, postcards and emails.

We can also use our school website to communicate about life in Class 4.

We hope you enjoy our comments and photos.


I like going out for Golden Playtime-Millie

Making a hedgehog in Golden playtime

I like playing pirates in the playground with Karl, Theo R, Tom and Jack TSam

Golden playtime

I like doing P.E.  I like practising my catchingJosh


I like being in Class 4 because I have made some new friendsTheo P

I like Class 4 because I like playing in the Post OfficeAmelia.

Post Office

I like playing in the big yard and inside and I liked when the pet lady came inEmma

I like when I do TaekwandoBen W


I like playing on Education City on the computerJack S

playing on Education city

I like playing on the computerWilliam

I like playing DJ Cow in phonicsIzzy

DJ Cow

I like playing in constructionJada


I like playing in the construction and building Minions with Sam, Karl and JackIsaac.



I like playing in the sandOliver