Make Your Face (and a teacher’s) Funny For Money: Red Nose Day




Comic Relief and Red Nose Day is back on Friday 13th March 2015!

This year we are ‘Making our faces Funny for Money!’.  To support this brilliant, worthwhile cause all the children can come into school with a funny face, costume and hair design – the wackier the better!

All we ask is that you bring in as much spare change as you can in return for a fun filled day.

In a bid to raise even more money we have been receiving sealed bids and the children who have a winning bid will be painting a teacher’s face Funny for Money.

On the Friday morning 14 children will be painting the faces of 14 members of staff in front of the whole school and the staff will wear their funny faces all day!  The children will have had a week to think up their designs and we can’t wait to see them.

Every child will take a ‘selfie’ and all the pictures, including the staff images, will be uploaded for your amusement throughout the day – WATCH THIS SPACE!

How your money helps


Funny Face