You may have seen recent press coverage about the on-going measles outbreak across the country, including the North East region. 

We have currently no cases of measles at our school, however there are cases in the North East in Teeside area, so we ask you to be vigilant for symptoms.


  • It begins with fever that lasts a couple of days followed by a cough, runny nose and red sore eyes.
  • After a few days a red-brown spotty rash will appear.  This starts on the face and upper neck, spreading down the upper body and extends to the arms, hands. legs and feet
  • After about 5 days the rash will begin to fade.

Please contact your GP if you are concerned your child may have measles.

If your child is confirmed as having measles, please contact school.


 You will be recieving a letter from Dr Dawn Scott (Acting Director for Public Health), giving further information and recommendations.