Memories of Gosforth Project


The project was an Arts based one incorporating two different areas of Art: Proggy Mat-Making and Photography
Session 1    Session 2
Session 3   Session 4
The Proggy Mat-Making took place over 4 weeks at Trinity Church and involved all of the Y3 children, members of the church community and parents of Y3 children. We were taught by artist Ali Rhind who has a studio at Lime Street, Ouseburn.
My Memories Learning a new skill Sharing memories
The children also made toffee to have as a treat after a proggy session because Peggy, who taught Ali the craft, would be given a piece of toffee as a child for every half an hour of proggying as an incentive! They have designed and produced two beautiful mats which will be displayed in the lower hall soon.
 Proggy Toffee
The photography project involved 15 children from Y4 but all of Y4 visited the exhibition we put on and talked to members of the Gosforth Community History Group for an afternoon.
Now and then Mr Gemmell admires the photos Proud of our photos I took this one
Paul Gemmell, our school photographer, kindly volunteered to accompany the children and parents to photograph Gosforth High Street as it is today, lending his expertise to show them how to compose a good photo. There was also a strong element of history within this project as the Community History Group had given us some photos of the High Street throughout the ages, which were fascinating. We put on a super exhibition with the old and new photos together, which was well attended by members of the group, parents and grandparents.
The grand finale was an assembly on the last day of the half term where we presented our work to the whole school and thanked all those involved.
Lucy Anne saidYear 3, went to Trinity church to make proggy mats. We had great fun everyone done different ones and I did a star .