Multiskills Festival


We had a great time at Walker Activity Dome. We took part in 5 different activities. We all enjoyed a different one. We shared what we enjoyed.

I liked how we danced to the music- Maisie

I liked going on the obstacle course-Luke

I liked pushing the balloons up because I was good at it-Charlotte

I liked the bean bag balancing one- Annalise

I liked the balloon bit- Mollie

I liked doing the parachute when I put it up and down-Euan

My favourite bit was when I had the bean bag on my head-Oliver

I liked dancing because I did big circles and small circles with my ribbon-Joel

I liked the obstacle course because I got a sticker-Charlie

I liked when we threw the balloon up-Hughie

I liked the bean bag relay-Daniel

I liked when we danced-Musa

I lied the dancing because I got a sticker-Emaan

I liked the balloon because it was fun-Keemaya

I liked the parachute because we went up and down-Harry

I liked the parachute because it was fun-Ayeza

I liked osbstacle course because I enjoyed this one- Theo

I liked the parachute when changed places- August

I loved the dancing-Clara

I liked balloon because I did a super throw. -Rowen.

Mrs Jones was very proud of Class 2 and how ell they listened and tried their best. Everyone got a sticker for one of the six skills.

Thank you to the PE Sport Service for organising this afternoon. Thank you to our lovely parent helpers who joined us.