Our Rising Sun trip


Early Years visited the Rising Sun Country Park to finish their pirate topic.

Many Thanks to the PTFA for subsidising this trip. 

Reception found things we needed for survival after becoming ship wrecked pirates.  We made dens and had a campfire. Nursery playing in the giants garden and made natural artworks. We asked Reception what they enjoyed about their visit.


I liked it when we could eat our treasure biscuits-Hannah

Following the treasure map-James

The treasure hunt was the best.-Isobella

Susan showed us around and took us to the forest where we searched for things-Charlotte

We found a pack of pens a scroll, biscuits, rope, a cover for our dens.-Ava

My mummy is going take me back with me Daddy.-Ayush

I liked building the dens with material, sticks and pegs.-Oakley

We built dens.-Millie

My favourite bit was the campfire made with sticks-Abberley

Finding flowers to stick on my sticky picture.-Manar

When we had to find things to stick on our sticky pictures.-Tallulah

The best bit was playing in the den with Dexter.-Oli

Making the den with rope. We had pet rocks.-Imogen

Me and Oli made wrecking tools to split wood to make dens.-Teddy

I liked making his flag.-Albin

We saw a foal that was 5 days old.-Ruby

It was sunny on our visit.-Christian and Max

Mrs Yule came with her two dogs.-Emma

I was very excited.-Louisa

We had a campfire. We sat around it on branches.-Emilia

We sang lots of nursery rhymes around the campfire.-Matilda.