Painting the staff to raise money for a good cause…


On Friday 13th, in schools all over the country, the children came in with their faces painted funny for money in a bid to raise awareness of, and money for, Comic Relief.

Archibald was no different except that the staff came into school looking relatively normal!

That was until 14 children were unleashed with a selection of face paints and accessories. The children had all put in sealed bids to win the chance to paint a member of staffs’ face. The adults waited nervously, squirming in their seats, whilst the rest of the school excitedly watched on and the face painters picked up their tools with a glint in their eye…

Mad as hatters the stars may be, everyone had great fun and we raised a total of £703.59  with £356.36  coming from the sealed bids. Thank you to everyone who donated their spare change.

Just look at the results – can you tell who is who?

We also featured in Monday’s Evening Chronicle.