Our Polar expedition by Year 1 Bloggers




On Thursday 8th January, Year 1 became Polar explorers and rescuers.  We had a visit from Big Foot Drama( kindly donated by PTFA). The children created their own mountain rescue teams, Mountain Team and Up the mountain we go.  Our companie helped people to climb the mountain.  We pretended to give advice to climbers.  Then we had a problem.  Someone had gone up the mountain without any equipment!!  We had to rescue them.  We carefully packed our bag and went on this dangerous mission.  We managed to rescue the climber and then we interviewed him to find out why he did such a silly thing.  It was a great workshop!


Here’s what our Blogging club members said.

Big foot   came in  to shkool .    we did  drama.  Our teem was mowtin teem. My fafrit thing was doing the acting.   By Emma

I got a certificate for great drama in big foot.The company was called up the mountan we go. My favourite bit was saving the man.by Esme.

We were vistud by bigfoot.   We were exsrme exsited because bigfoot came to school.  The best bit was helpin the man to get down the mountain. By Elizabeth

My favarate  part was dowing drama from bigfoot it was fun. By Rowan

My favourite  part was  when we  pretended to fall  asleep.By Ben R

My favourite part was getting a sticker. By Louis.

We    went up the mowtun .    by Adam