PTFA Library Information and Spring Term dates


As many of you know the PTFA run our school library for the children in Years 1 – 4. This runs every Wednesday and the classes alternate each week according to their class numbers.

Selecting a library book – Wednesday

On their library day the children who have returned their book are given the opportunity to select a new book. This is then checked out by the PTFA members who run the library. The librarians keep a record system of the books taken by each child, how long they are kept for and if they have been returned.


Returning the library book

Each class has a box in their classroom for library books to be returned to. The children have until the Monday prior to their next library session to return the book which must be returned if they wish to select a new book.

If your child is thoroughly enjoying the book and wishes to keep it for the following two weeks then this is not a problem al we ask is that it is returned to school when finished for other children to enjoy.


Lost /Damaged books

We fully appreciate that from time to time books do go missing or are damaged. If this happens please could you inform the class teacher or library via a note and donate a replacement book that is in good condition.


Dates for the Spring Term

8th – even numbered classes
15th  – odd numbered classes
29th  – even numbered classes
5th – odd numbered classes
12th – even numbered classes

Carry on after half term starting with the odd classes.