Question Time with Mr Bourke


What is your favourite book and why? When do you like to read? 📚 Tabitha C10, Hallie and Edward T

The Hobbit (J.R.R. Tolkien) – I love fantasy books and the vivid imagery it creates in your head as you read it.    

Ellie in nursery asks “what is your favourite school dinner?”

Chicken Katsu Curry – a bit like popping to Wagamama!

What is your favourite pizza topping? Wren, Dulcie and Ted

Meat Feast with spicy chilli peppers too! Delicious!

Layla and Anabelle – What is your favourite food?

This is tricky, as I love my food! I’m going to go for Vietnamese after an amazing culinary experience in Vietnam during my honeymoon. We live nearby to lovely Vietnamese café that brings back memories every time we visit. Steak Rice Bowl with a fried egg on top makes me happy!

Do you know Harry Potter? If you do know it which house would you be? From Martha – c7

Yes, I know Harry Potter. I really enjoyed the books and the films! I think I would like to be in Hufflepuff as they value hard work and some people have told me I look like Cedric Diggory (my wife is laughing out loud right now!)

If Mr Bourke found himself stuck in a Christmas film, which film would it be and why? Maisie C10

It would have to be Home Alone setting up the traps for the burglars with Kevin. It’s not quite Christmas without Home Alone.

If you could be a (shape of) pasta, what type would you be?? Eloise class 10 🙈

Farfalle (little bow ties) as I really enjoy getting suited and booted!

Ava (C7). ‘Do you like musicals…? If you do, which one is your favourite?’

I do like musicals although I probably need to go and see a few more! My favourite is Les Miserables – love the songs!

Are you going to turn the school into a massive factory or leave it as it is? By Rupert c5.

No factory plans I’m afraid ☺ I applied for the DHT job as I really identified with the school ethos, it feels like a great place get involved with teaching and learning.

What’s your favourite dinosaur? Max class 1.

A bit of a cliché but my favourite is Tyrannosaurus Rex. Massive powerful jaws and that booming roar!

Lilly asked “Do you have glasses?”

No, just sunglasses for those sunny days!

Ruby class 7 would like to know if you have a pet, what type and what it’s called. If you don’t then what pet would you like?

No pets but we do have plans to get some cats. I’ve got my hands full at the moment with my two young children.

George, Sam and Sherif would like to know what is your favourite sport and do you have a favourite football team?

Favourite sport is rugby, I loved playing it for my hometown, Glossop, at University and also at Novos. My favourite football team is Bolton Wanderers (I like a challenge!).

School and Work Questions – An interview from the children!

Tilly would like to ask Mr Bourke what made him decide to come to Archibald?

I came for a look around just before Christmas and found the children and staff very welcoming! After a bit of research and a look at your school website I realised I really wanted to be a part of the fantastic teaching and learning experiences at Archibald.

Eliza and Izzy would like to ask: What is your favourite school subject, and why?

My favourite subject is PE. I studied it all the way through my school life and at university. It’s great when you see children pick up new skills in PE lessons and then apply them in a city-wide competitions or sports festivals. History has got to be a close second – I love finding out about ancient civilisations and their lifestyles.

Wilbur class 10 would like to ask Mr Bourke what job did he do before he joined Archibald and what did he enjoy most about it?

My previous job was Assistant Headteacher at West Walker Primary School. I worked in a Year 2 class and had 7 brilliant years there. I thoroughly enjoyed residential trips, sporting events and other outside the classroom experiences. However, I must say the daily teaching and learning experiences whilst getting to know the children, staff and families means that West Walker will always have a special place in my heart.

Theo class 10 would like to know why you wanted to become a teacher??

My dad was a teacher at a high school and I originally wanted to be a PE teacher in a high school. However, I got some work experience in a primary school and loved it so much that I decided to follow that career path.

Abberley and Rex say ‘What would you like to do here at Archibald?’ What do you feel like being at Archibald? Are you excited?”

First of all, I would like to get to know everyone and help the school continue to improve. I am really keen to offer memorable learning experiences to those that I teach and across the school community. Of course, it goes without saying I want to have a lot of fun whilst doing all of the above!

Ethan (class 7) would like to know (and sorry about this but it’s word for word..) why do humans have existence and why is wood so important to humans?

Great question Ethan! I think humans have existed because we constantly adapt to the world around us. However, I also feel that we are guardians of the planet and we could/should be looking after our it properly such as reducing air pollution and making sure we don’t intrude on animals and their habitats.

I think wood is really important and useful. At my previous school, we had great fun building a massive treehouse in the school grounds together. Wood can be used in so many different ways and I look forward to putting together some great Design Technology projects during my time at Archibald.