Reception Whitehouse Farm – a festive visit


What a fantastic day we had visiting Whitehouse Farm. On arrival the elves came out to meet us before whisking us around to take part in some fantastic activities.

We met Santa, who was asleep in his chair, and told him one special gift we would like for Christmas before singing him a carol. Santa gave us each a special bag of reindeer hay which would help them to fly on Christmas Eve night.

Check out our video of us waking Santa up…

We also fed the animals remembering our flat hands; went on a bumpy sleigh/tractor ride; played in the soft play to use up some of our excitement, acted out the nativity with a real live donkey and finally got to hold an array of animals. Have a look at the pictures below to see if you would have held any of these creatures…


It was a brilliant day and all the children, and the adults, were very well behaved. Thank you to the PTFA for the donation towards the visit and to all the helps who came with us – we could do it without you!

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