Science Week (including a solar eclipse)


The children of Archibald First school became scientists and engineers for National Science and Engineering week.  They took part in lots of experiments and investigations.  We had visitors from Newcastle y University.  Mr Morrow also kindly arranged for a solar esclipse on Friday 20th March.  We all went outside at 9.30am to experience this event.




I asked Blogging Club members to share their favourite parts of this exciting week.

Science week was amazing because a street scientist came in and should us loads of thing like a ketchup sachet in a bottle of water a said try to get this ketchup sachet up to the top and Regina done it by squeezing the bottle .

Another one was friction with two books and you try to pull   them apart and no one could do it she said it would take about two small cars to do it because there was a lots of friction. IT WAS AMAZING!-Elizabeth

My best bit was watching my egg crack-Poppy

My favrote bit of science week was the cloud experiment-.Ben R    

On Friday there was the solar eclipse and it did not get as dark as we thought it would . We made like a pin hole projector it took a long time to show up on my projector it did.-Charlie

My favourite bit of science week was when the lady made cloud.-Emma

My favourite part of science week was when we made a boat and helicopter it was FUN!- Esme

My favourite part of science week was when we made our own egg pods, but when my egg died!-Evie

My favourite bit about the solar eclipse was when we made a pin hole camera and used the chefs colander.- Findlay

The whole school had a mintage science week. We had a street scientist who had a bunch of tricks like making people lose their strength and making your brain go funny .-George

My favourite thing I did in science week was doing the Mentos and coke experiment.-Martha

My favourite part of science week was when we made the boats and the helicopters-Rowan

In science week we tried Mentos in coke and jelly babies in salted water and normal water-.Summer

I think the solar eclipse would get darker because of last times solar eclipse went darker. Also we made pin hole cameras.-Tahmeed

The whole school had a mintage science week solar eclipse’s street scientists and many more I loved street scientists she made people loose there strength and make our brains go WILD!! As she made here face spin weeeeeeeeeee!!! This science week was brilliant-Thomas